3 Tips from Someone With Experience

3 Tips from Someone With Experience

What You Should Consider As A Bridel Shower Gift

A bride-to-be is given a gift giving party called the bridal shower in anticipation of the wedding. This shower is attended by the bride-to-be and her female guests. If you will be going to a bridal shower this article will provide you with some ideas on what to give. These products that would be mentioned would for sure make your bride-to-be happy.

First tip is to give her a wedding survival kit. No one else can even think of giving this gift to her. This kit may hold small items that the bride might not think about having on hand on the day of her wedding. These products include clear nail polish, blister block, or hairspray. You can put these products inside a cute cosmetic case or basket which the bride-to-be can conveniently bring during the wedding day.

Custom wedding day essentials are also a good choice for a gift. These products may be a “bride-to-be” tote for carrying around her wedding planning material, dressing robe with her name on the back, or a personalized hanger for her wedding dress.

You may consider giving her a passport cover considering that there would be a lot of guests that would give money or gift cards. These products are inexpensive and come in a wide range of options which you may opt to customize.

You can help your bride-to-be radiate more by giving her beauty products. You have the option of giving her skincare products like masks and moisturizers or haircare products like moisture boosters or champagne spray.

You can help the couple settle into their new home by giving them cozy home accents. You can go for colorful throw pillows, picture frames, blankets and plush or simple wall shelves.

If your bride-to-be loves drinking wine, why not give her a wine rack. She can collect bottles given as wedding gifts and display it on the rack. Go for something simple and not too big in order for it to match any design of her new home. You can also add a bottle of nice wine.

Give her a cookbook or recipe boxes. These gifts would be useful during date nights in and new family recipes. Try to look for cookbooks that are for newlywed couples or you may even add some recipe cards of your favorite dishes.

A decorative map is also a good idea, especially if you know that they met in a specific city or both love traveling. Plus a cute frame to come with it which would help decorate their new home.

Find her a cute purse or beach tote which she can use for her honeymoon. You can go for a customized bag with the text “Mrs,” “honeymoon,” or “just married”.

Organizational materials is a great help when they will be moving to their new home. You can choose to give them boxes for closets, decorative baskets even kitchen or bathroom counters

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