A Brief History of

A Brief History of

Amazing Quotes from the Italian Renaissance

Renaissance is a period where things like philosophy, art, writing and other cultural works were introduced, and it later defined human history. This is the time where Western civilisation was introduced, and it led to people coming up with some of the most magical pieces of artwork. It is unfortunate that the renaissance period lasted for a period, but you need to review some of the work done from that era because there is a lot of information you can learn. Check out some of the most amazing quotes from the Italian renaissance.

One of the best quotes from Michelangelo, who was an Italian painter was about mastering a skill. He was very famous for his artwork and regarded as one of the smartest people in that generation. One of his famous work was painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Another amazing artwork done by Michelangelo was painting the statue of David. One deeming quality about Michelangelo was his humbleness despite his popularity. He is known for saying that if people knew the amount of work he has to put in place to master the skills that he had, then he would not have become good at it.

Another popular quote from the Italian Renaissance era was on existence. Rene was a French scientist, mathematician and philosopher who was very famous in his generation. He spent all his time researching on the nature of existence and the anatomy of the human mind. His work led to one of the most famous quotes on existence that is still used today by people. In his work, he used to question the events that happen in the world. He said that it is evident that he can think, which shows that he exists in this world.

Leonardo was a painter, sculptor, architect and he was the one who painted the Mona Lisa portrait. He is also recognised for his research on human anatomy. His study led to one of the best quotes on nature. He once said that when you look at nature, nothing seems to be lacking and nothing is excessive. Martin Luther was a priest in Germany who introduced the Protestant Reformation. Luther was a huge critic of the culture of the Catholic church. He did not approve the Catholic way of forgiving people their sins after presenting their offering in church.

He began the most popular quote on truth. He once said that he would not take back what he said in the past because it will go against his conscience. Thomas More was an author, and he advised King Henry. He once said that it is foolish to think that you are above someone else because you are wearing better clothes than them, which are made from a sheep’s wool.

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