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The Importance of Rapid Response After a Disaster

The Importance of Rapid Response After a Disaster

Weather-related disasters seem to be increasing in numbers and intensity. Added to these types are fires and earthquakes. Entire cities are destroyed, thousands of people die, and even more are displaced. Food, water, shelter, and dry clothing can make the difference in whether victims of the disaster survive.

First Responders
Although efforts are made to get to areas affected by disaster, sometimes it can take longer than expected. When there is catastrophic damage, many times roads are destroyed, and the only access is by air. First responders are very important in times of disaster. They are trained to provide assistance in numerous ways. Other people who respond to disasters quickly are search and rescue teams and law enforcement.

Providing Relief
Disasters often halt essential services. People do not have electricity, water, or access to health care. The need to provide sanitary conditions is essential. Relief efforts include providing survivors with clean water for drinking, a way to wash their hands and bodies, sanitary restroom facilities, clean clothes, and food. One example of a company that provides disaster management is Granny's Alliance Holdings.

Immediate and Long-Lasting Effects
Since areas that experience horrific disasters lose a significant amount of their housing, this is another need. Even buildings that are left are often not fit to inhabit. A clean place to sleep can mean the world to someone who has just lost everything. The importance of relief efforts cannot be understated. If they are not properly planned and executed, this can result in very negative impacts on survivors and others. Victims can be affected long after the disaster.

Not only does a disaster leave victims without the basic necessities, but communication and transportation are often lost. Families cannot get in touch with each other. Even if a victim has family or someone they can go to in another area, they do not have the transportation to get there. A disaster takes a heavy toll on people as well as the communities where they lived and worked.

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