News For This Month: Careers

News For This Month: Careers

The Risky and Perilous Jobs Around the World

Have you ever wondered about the most risky jobs nowadays? In here, you will know the most risky jobs in the industry and the reasons for considering these jobs hazardous. Actually, these jobs are deemed risky and perilous because it put the well-being, welfare and health of employees in danger.

It is sad to note that more than fifty percent of the millennials worked eight hours in offices but yet, they got tired and bored about it. Yes, it is true that their jobs are envied by many because they have safe and convenient jobs as compared to those who worked in risky jobs. Some of these millennials don’t realized that there are some employees out there who are forced to work in risky and dangerous jobs because they needed money to sustain the necessities of their families.

Based on the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately five thousand accidents and injuries happened in working environment annually. Fortunately, these jobs aren’t common in the United States. Studies also reveal that Latino and Hispanic employees, greater than 65 years old, are the ones who commonly experienced these accidents and injuries.

What Are the Jobs Which Are Considered Risky and Perilous

1. One of the risky jobs in the industry is the landscape supervisor. Examples of the tasks of these employees are lawn maintenance as well as grounds keeping. There are more than 18 workers who got injured while performing their duties.

2. Employees working in electrical power industry also experienced fatal accidents and injuries. Other than accidental falls, some experienced electrocution while carrying out their jobs.

3. Ranchers as well as farmers have risky and perilous jobs due to the gigantic machines they are dealing with.

4. Those who worked in the iron and steel industry also have perilous jobs. Aside from experiencing burns, there are some who got their hands cut off by heavy machines they are dealing with.

5. Truck drivers also have risky jobs. Aside from accidents, they are most likely to get sick and get exhausted due to the long hours of driving their truck.

6. Roofers are also considered among the many with dangerous and perilous jobs due to the risk of getting serious cuts and falls while performing their responsibilities.

7. Workers in recycling factories also have dangerous jobs simply because they are exposed daily to toxic substances and chemicals which can take a toll on their health and well-being.

8. Pilots as well as engineers have dangerous jobs to the probability of experiencing serious injuries and accidents while at work.

9. Loggers and fishermen are also among those believed to have dangerous jobs in the society. These people are at higher possibility of getting injured or getting serious accidents due to the kind of work responsibilities they have.

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