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Removable Media and The Future of Business Security

Removable Media and The Future of Business Security

One of the issues when it comes to modern business is the fast pace that technology is evolving; policies regarding this technology can barely keep up. A current issue which you may need to consider is the use of removable media and its potential impact. As a result of this, there are a few issues you should be aware of when it comes to the security of your business and the ways in which you can actively work to mitigate this risk. 

Data Theft 

One of the biggest worries when it comes to portable devices is theft. Employees with access to portable devices in the workplace have more opportunity to steal data, as they simply have to plug it into a device and off they go. For business with access to sensitive data–bank details, addresses and names–this can be especially worrisome. Such as is the case with companies like chartered surveyors Manchester, who gather lots of sensitive data. Gathering data and distributing this at will to competitors is another way this could become an issue for a company. 

Threat of Malware 

A portable device can be used in a number of ways in the modern workplace. To transfer files, as a way to use different software across devices and to spread malware across your secure network. If the latter option, you could find yourself with all systems down and all of your computers affected. In which case, your whole business may be at risk (especially if there is no comprehensive backup in place). 

And the malware doesn’t necessarily have to be destructive. It could simply be aimed at stealing data, as with the above issue. In which case, you need to make sure this is not a possibility. Locking down your network for unknown devices can be one quick way to try and cut this issue out of your daily working life. 

USBs Aren’t Secure 

Even when encryption is implemented on a USB or removable drive it isn’t always enough to deter a determined hacker. The fact is that anyone with the right programs or basic knowledge of hacking can and will access your data in the modern age, USBs are capable of preventing this. So, trusting them is almost impossible in the modern workplace. 

Financial Danger 

Though it may seem like a jump, removable devices may actually pose a financial risk for your business. Data loss is a serious issue and can lead to some hefty fines. Especially in the post-GDPR world, where poor data management in a business (especially in larger corporations) can actually lead to millions of pounds worth of fines. This can be especially damaging for the compulsory purchase process. Having a better system in place, then, is the most logical solution you can have for quite a simple but very dangerous issue. 

Therefore, there are a number of ways that you could possibly work to remove the danger of removable devices from your business: 

Blanket Policies

The simplest way to deal with … Read More..